mushroom hunt


Parkeerplaats bij restaurant Robert
Spanderslaan 1
1217 DB Hilversum
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Mushrooms: you don't see one like that, so there are suddenly a lot of them. October is the mushroom month. If you know where to look, a world opens up for you. Poisonous green or bright red, soft or slippery, edible or poisonous. The guide of the IVN can also tell a lot about it. 

On Sunday, October 3, IVN Gooi organizes again the annual treasure hunt for mushrooms for children from 6 to 11 years old in the Spanderswoud, between Hilversum and Bussum.

The start is from 11:00 to 14:00 on the playground next to the parking lot at restaurant Robert, Bussumergrintweg between Bussum and Hilversum. The trip takes about two hours and the costs are € 3.00 per child. The group you have put together yourself consists of a maximum of nine people. Supervisors can join for free.


  • Zondag 15 oktober 2023 11.00 - 14.00 uur


  • €3.00