Country estate and park 'Vreedenhoff'



Buitenplaats Vreedenhoff
Rijksstraatweg 53
3631 AB Nieuwersluis
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The country estate is about 16 hectares in size and is located on the west bank of the Vecht. On the west side stretches the landscaped park, with pond, tree groups, forest plots and open spaces. On the southeast side, along the Rijksstraatweg, there is a tea dome and a small entrance gate. The tea dome is one of the most characteristic 'Vechtkoepels' due to the beautiful detailing in the Louis sixteenth style. 

Mr Lisman is the passionate and eloquent resident of the beautiful VreedenHoff in Nieuwersluis. He will personally show you around his gardens and home. Keep an eye on the site of the Vechtstreekmuseum for the dates.