Sheepfold Goois Nature Reserve


Kids at the Schaapskooi

The sheep are welcome guests on the heath, because by grazing the fields they maintain this special nature reserve.

The herd, 50 sheep, leaves the sheepfold at about 08.00 and can be viewed in the nature reserve. Around 4 pm they return to the sheepfold at the Blaricummerheide. The sheepfold can be visited every Sunday afternoon. Guides are available from 2 pm to 4 pm to tell visitors - large and small - more about the cage and the herd of Drentse heath sheep.

Throughout the year, all kinds of fun activities are organized by the Goois Nature Reserve, such as Easter egg hunts and the spring festival in the spring and the cozy sheep shearer festival in June. There are many fun activities to do, especially for children. Consult the UIT agenda for these activities.

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