Forest Playground 't Laer


The nicest playground in the forest near Hilversum. Suitable for children aged 4-14, who are not afraid to get dirty! In  'Speelbos 't Laer' there is a water pump, a tree trunk path, hollow roads and many more natural play elements. Children can enjoy themselves for hours with sand, water, boulders and climbing trees. 

You will be Impressed by the metallophone. It's made of tree trunks in which sound boxes are carved out. The metal plates are tuned so that a melody can be played with a stick.

The play forest is located in a completely natural environment: a large area of more than 2 hectares with sand drifts, hills, old oak trees and bird groves.

For the (grand) parents there are picnic tables on site.

Opening times

  • Daily from 09:00 to 17:00

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