GeoTour through Gooi & Vecht - Go and discover

The Garden of Amsterdam GeoTour consists of 60 traditional geocaches, ideal for a multi-day voyage of exploration through the region. The tour takes you to the best attractions, from impressive castles to protected nature reserves. Download the passport, collect as many points as possible and earn a unique Garden of Amsterdam Geocoin. 


Garden of Amsterdam passport

Your Ticket to Adventure

Each discovered treasure is worth one point. For some caches, you score two points. Have you collected 50 points? Then you win a real Geocacher prize: the limited edition Garden of Amsterdam Geocoin. 

Passport NL | Passport DE

Download the EN passport

Step by step - How do you play?

  1. Create an account on
  2. Visit the GOA GeoTour page for descriptions of the 60 caches.
  3. Print the GeoTour passport and enter your details.
  4. Enter the coordinates of the caches into the Geocaching app on your smartphone.
  5. Go and explore by navigating to the locations and finding the caches.
  6. Found a cache? Sign the logbook and write the code word in the relevant box in your passport (you will find these in each cache).
  7. Put back the cache in the same spot as you found it.
  8. Search for the other caches and collect all the code words.
  9. Send in your passport and claim your Geocoin!

Rules of the game - Earn your geocoin

  • Each person or team may use a maximum of one passport with a unique Geocaching username.
  • The passport must be fully completed and submitted to claim the prize.
  • A minimum of 50 points is required.
  • Geocoins are awarded as long as stocks last.
  • A maximum of one Geocoin per family, team or address.
  • You must physically sign the cache log and log your find.




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