Former fishing village - The glory days of the Zuiderzee

Take a look at the historic fishing boats, discover the Nautical Quarter and stroll through the wonderful old town center with its medieval farmhouses. Relive the time of the Zuiderzee in this former fishing village. Go for a cycle ride through nature, enjoy dinner at the old harbour or relax by the water along the Zomerkade. Located between the heathlands of Gooi Nature Reserve and Gooimeer lake, Huizen has so much to offer! 

Huizen city walk

The Miracle of the Milkmaid of Huizen 

Wander along historic lanes and past picturesque farmhouses, sample the atmosphere in Huizen during the costume period and scan the QR codes along the way for the ultimate experience. 

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Activities & Outings - Step back into the past

Fletcher Hotel Nautisch Kwartier

Spend the night with a rich view

Dine culinary at J Restaurant, enjoy special wines in RIVA Wijnlounge, and sleep with a view over the water. Don't forget to explore Huizen center and the green surroundings.

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