Inspiring Walking routes - From fortified town to media city

Gooi & Vecht is a region packed with stories and history. Whether it is poet P.C Hooft, architect W.M. Dudok, centuries-old fortified towns, or the media city of the Netherlands, immerse yourself in the history, learn about local folk tales, and admire the distinct architecture. The diverse cities and towns of the Gooi & Vecht region are ideal for exploring on foot. Take inspiration from our favourite routes. 

Naarden Fortress walk

In and around the fortress | 3.5 km

Walk on the ramparts and stroll through the narrow lanes of the picturesque fortified town. A visit to the Great Church and the  Fortress Museum is a must. Pick up a copy from the Tourist Information Office in Naarden. 

Explore Naarden
Naarden vestingwallen

Huizen City Walk

Milkmaid of Huizen walking route |  3 km

Be enthralled by the folk tale from Huizen about a greedy farmer and a milkmaid. You will see the town’s loveliest sites along the way. There are shorter (2 km) and longer (3 km) versions of the route. Pick up a copy from the Tourist Information Office in Huizen.

Discover Huizen

Hilversum Architecture Walk

Dudokroute | 8,5km

This route takes you past the architectural delights designed by W.M Dudok. An unconventional architect who made his mark on Hilversum for more than 50 years, with the town hall being the highlight. Pick up a copy at the Tourist Information Office and then explore.

Do Dukok

Muiden City Walk

Fortified city steeped in history | 4 km

Muiden lies on the pivot point of the New Dutch Waterline and the Defence Line of Amsterdam. Discover the intimate fortified town with a walk through the bustling harbour with its traditional sailing ships then sit at a pavement café with a view of the.Groote Zeesluis.

All about Muiden